To stretch or not to stretch?

Warm up – should I stretch or not? To round up our running blog series we will be covering how to warm up for running and other sports too. In this series of blogs we have … Read More

How do I get rid of a strained calf muscle?

How to treat an acute calf strain  We see a lot of people with calf strains in our clinics; runners, ramblers, football, rugby and tennis players, skiers, those with physical jobs plus many more suffer from … Read More

Are you a runner and do you feel that your pelvis is out of alignment?

It might be your Sacroiliac Joint! As we are treating a lot of runners at our clinics at the moment due to training for London and Brighton marathons, we thought it would be good to share … Read More

Top Strengthening Exercises for Runners

Why is Strength Training so Important? Strength and conditioning reduces overuse injuries by 50%. According to the evidence “Strength training reduced sports injuries by less than a 1/3 and overuse injuries could almost be halved” (Lauersen … Read More

Common Running Injuries – ITBS – Iliotibial Band Syndrome

ITBS – Iliotibial Band Syndrome A common complaint for runners, cyclists and weight lifters is Iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome. ITB syndrome is one of the leading causes of lateral (outside) knee pain in runners. It occurs … Read More

Physio-logical raises £650 for Rowans Hospice

Physio-logical raises £650 for Rowans Hospice Thank you all for your support. I am really pleased to announce that I have raised £650 for the amazing Rowans Hospice. So how did we raise this money? Firstly, … Read More

Physio-logical Fundraising for Rowans Hospice – Please show your support today I thought I would share with you my journey so far. As you may be aware Physio-logical have decided to support the Rowans Hospice, this is a charity very close to our hearts. At the beginning … Read More