I went to Physio-logical after having seen two consultants and another physio…none of whom could do anything for me. I have arthritis in the upper vertebrae of my neck and this causes severe pain in the head and also greatly restricts movement. The consultants could only suggest more and stronger pain killers. Natalie, with her wonderful hands, began to bring relief and slowly greater mobility in my head and neck. I did , at one time, think I would have to give up driving. That, because of Natalie, has proved not to be the case.

Now, after some time, I have managed to greatly reduce the medication and at times have been pain free. At the beginning of the treatment, Natalie offered hope where there had been none before. I cannot thank her enough for my enhanced quality of life.

Mrs B

I went to physiological because I had snapped my foot back and it had swelled up. I got an appointment with Jordan who I thought was really good because he assessed it and then talked me through what his plan was and the type of damage I had done. I think that he was really easy to talk to and made me feel at ease and he made sure I understood the reason why he was doing what he was doing and how it helps. He also said that after a few weeks sessions that he has done as much as he can, the rest is up to me (like carrying on with the exercises he showed me) which I thought was really good because he quite easily just had me keep going but he didn’t. At the beginning of my appointments I was limping and about 1 week after my last appointment I was running 10 miles. Mega happy with everything that i received.

Mr. H

As a regular runner training for marathons and ultra marathons I’ve begun to work on my flexibility and mobility to reduce the risk of injury and benefit my running and performance. Having left it over two years since my last sports massage, I contacted Physio-logical to arrange one. The initial telephone contact was positive and the booking made easy. During my initial consultation and massage, Aniko took the time to find out about my history and goals and any recurring or new issues. She clearly explained what she was doing and put me at ease (well, as much as possible given how tight some of my muscles were as she released them!) throughout my treatment. Highly recommended

Mr. C

Thank you to Mrs. B for taking the time to record a testimonial. Mrs. B has back and buttock pain, she was assessed, given a diagnosis, self help treatments and exercises all via our video consultation service.

Mrs. B – Physio-logical Video Consultation

I would like to express my greatest thanks for the job you’ve done with all my “troubles”, I am amazed with your knowledge, experience and speed in reducing sport injuries and dysfunctions!

Olga Maslivets, Olympic Finalist Aug 2012

I would like to thank you Physio-logical especially Katy for treatment ..I was suffering knee pain from last couple of months, after that I went to Physio-logical..now I’m feeling 100% well ..I would suggest people to go to Physio-logical if you have any kind of pain ..thanks

Mr A

I’m a regular gym goer so my wife brought me a voucher for a Sports Massage with Kate.

At the start of the appointment Kate asked if I had any troublesome areas. I’d had a pain in my shoulder for some time. As a result I had less confidence in that arm and it was starting to restrict the amount of weight I could lift. I told Kate about the problem and she asked me a few more questions before diagnosing what the problem was. She then spent the remainder of the session focusing on my shoulder. She warned me it may be a bit sore the next day but I should see an improvement after that. She also explained why my shoulder had started to hurt in the first place and gave me some advice, exercises and stretches to prevent the problem re-occurring. I’m pleased to say that following the appointment I have now been pain free for several months.

As a result, I will be going back to see Kate if I have any problems in the future. I’ve already recommended her to several friends and will continue to do so!

Mr M

Saw Never, had a 15 min consultation but have booked in for a full consultation, very thorough and renewed my faith in physio’s.
Looking forward to my appointment on Friday, thanks Nev.

Mrs. W

Never is working wonders getting my shoulder moving after major surgery. He talks me though what is happening week by week and provides tailored exercises.Highly recommended

Mrs. B

Because I have a recurring back-problem, I have had to seek treatment from various members of the Physio-logical team for a number of years. On each occasion, the approach has been thoroughly professional, beginning with a full verbal and physical examination of my problem. My needs have been clearly explained and the treatment carried out with follow-up exercises. The result – relief from a debilitating problem enabling me to live and exercise free of pain.

Mr M

“I would like to thank Physio-logical for my fantastic treatment. After having my second baby I had a recurring lower back problem. Physio-logical have got me to a point were my pain has been managed and my mobility improved. Even though the treatment hasn’t fully rectified my problem Physio-logical have been able to advise me on my next course of action. I am 99.9% more mobile and 99.9% pain free. Thank you…I never thought I would get to this point!

Mrs C

Natalie is very skilled and sensitive in her approach. I have been for treatment on my knees and always come away with increased movement. She givesfurther exercises to work on before the next appointment…..I even do them! Although there is still some stiffness, which is probably a result of age and wear and tear, I have much less pain and better movement than in the past, which I didn’t believe was possible. Thank you to Natalie.

Mr H

I’ve been very impressed with Natalie’s treatment and professionalism. She’s clearly explained her diagnosis and treatment plan, adjusting it as my symptoms improved. They are easy to get hold of via email or the booking system. The locations they practice in MyFitnessHub in Havant and Rowlands Castle doctors surgery and both very convenient. Highly recommend.

Mrs M

Really excellent treatment and advice to mitigate a recurring calf muscle issue. Helped me regain some confidence on the tennis court. 🙂

Mr F

Excellent , caring, efficient ..highly recommended

Mr. N

Really excellent service when booking and very professional, the treatment from Katy in Havant is excellent.

Katy is very professional, knowledgeable and friendly, she quickly got to the root of my problems.

I would thoroughly recommend

Mr. D

Acupuncture has been very beneficial for me. I have Beckers Muscular Dystrophy and began to suffer with lower back pain a few years ago. Natalie at Physio-logical suggested trying acupuncture which I was sceptical about at first but was willing to try anything. Since then I have found it to be the best treatment for pain relief and stiffness. I also find it to be very relaxing and stress free. Would highly recommend this to anyone in pain!


I called Physio-logical when I started having problems with my knee while running. I was recommended Jordan, and was immediately put at ease with how friendly and clearly knowledgeable he was. Jordan explained very clearly each stage of the process and why I was doing each exercise he gave me. I am now very happy to be running the same distances I was before the problems started, and I now also know how to safely increase the distances so the problem doesn’t come back.

Couldn’t have asked for a better result and experience, would fully recommend!

Mr. H

5 stars!
I’m so pleased that a friend recommended I see Natalie for a long standing shoulder issue. I really expected there would be very little improvement possible having had the problem for a couple of years. How wrong was I! With treatment from Natalie, as well as regularly doing the recommended exercises, I seldom experience any discomfort and when I do I know how to fix it.
She’s also worked wonders with my back. Thank you Natalie.

Mrs M

I picked up hip/pelvis injuries through running. Natalie has provided fantastic treatment, exercises and advice for the past few months and ensured that I made it to the start and finish line of my first marathon.

Mrs R

After 6 months of not having full movement in my shoulder I visited Physio-logical. 5 sessions later it’s like I never had the problem and no pain at all. Highly recommend.

Mr A

Excellent attention to detail and a very informed service from start to finish.
If you’re looking for a good physio then I can highly recommend Physio-logical.

Mr. G

 All is well now and I very much appreciate your help in fixing my elbow.
As well as my previous treatment from Natalie when I had a “Frozen Shoulder”
Physio-logical will always be recommended by me!

Mr A

I have been suffering with sciatica for a couple of weeks before seeing Physio-logical. I have been impressed with the advice and treatment which I have been receiving. I now understand what has happened and what I need to do to stop it from coming back . Would recommend them to anyone.

Mr D

Successful treatment – and Jordan is friendly, thorough, and businesslike, and shows a genuine concern for a patient’s condition

Mr. J

A very welcoming and friendly environment. Natalie has a very confident and professional approach to her work and where other physiotherapists had failed she quickly diagnosed, treated and cured the issue with my painful knees. Thank you Physio-logical!

Mr. T

I first saw Natalie with a severe pain in my foot that came on whilst running. After weeks of rest the pain would not shift, so I finally went to Physio-logical to see if they could help. Natalie very quickly figured out the pain was being caused by a nerve in my back, which no amount of just resting would sort. After a few treatment sessions I was able to ease back into running. I’ve gone from strength to strength with the help and treatment of Natalie and am pleased to say was able to complete my first marathon last month. I would highly recommend Physio-logical, and cannot thank them enough for getting me back running.

Mrs P

I had been diagnosed with sciatica by the GP in early 2019, and having a young child to look after I couldn’t wait weeks for an NHS appointment so I booked in with Jordan at Physio-logical. When I started treatment I could barely walk, was in constant pain, and was finding everyday tasks quite difficult. However, 6 sessions on, and I am pain-free, going on beach walks and finally carrying my child with ease again. Thanks so much to Jordan, he is professional, approachable and very dedicated, a credit to Physio-logical!

Miss F

I returned to see Natalie recently after badly hurting my back (I had had successful treatment in the past so knew how good she was). Natalie and her team treated me for a number of weeks and got me back moving around and more importantly back to being able to exercise. They took time to explain what the cause was and what I should and shouldn’t do. I now realise that if I get any minor niggles to see Natalie straight away for preventative treatment. Can’t praise the team enough.

Mrs A


Natalie has been great , she has helped me a nerve problem in my back , so I could continue training for my Ironman 70.3 race , with her treatment and advice I completed my 1st every Ironman on Sunday, thank you again Natalie


Natalie did an excellent job of rehabilitating my knee and also fixing a trapped nerve in my neck. She was very professional and very effective.

Mr B

From my initial assessment to my final treatment I have been treated as a valued customer. The assessment was spot on, and I have returned to my activity pain free. I have also been given further instruction to continue my rehabilitation. Awesome service.

Mr G

Elizabeth enjoying the 81 mile route along the South Downs Way from the Queen Elizabeth Park to Eastbourne, following treatment on her knee from Natalie at Physio-logical


I had a severe back and hip issue that prevented me from walking and at one point I was in a wheelchair as the symptons were so severe . Thankfully I visited Natalie at physiological and after just 2 treatments was up and about and walking – I cannot recommend Natalie enough and would absolutely recommend her ..Thanks Natalie !

Mrs D

“I completed my first Ironman 70.3 with the help of Natalie. Putting up with symptoms of plantarfasciitis for months before letting it get so bad that I couldn’t walk without limping or run without experiencing constant pain. In July I finally went to see Natalie something I should have done back in December. I actually didn’t expect to run the 13.1 miles yesterday pain free but I did and also pain free after. I really can’t thank Natalie enough.”


Had a great 15min massage, was just by chance. Doing my workout at My Fitness Hub, a lady approached with the offer 15 mins for £5. Always nice to get a massage. my back does have a twinge, so accepted the offer. A great deep massage concentrating on the back area. Great techniques used, very thorough,,,,, hope I sleep better on that side of back tonight.
Many thanks

Mrs. E

I had excellent care from Katy. I am almost sorry that I am better now. I would recommend Katy to everybody

Mrs. B

I had a bad shoulder as a result of a fall whilst skiing. I left it for several months hoping it would get better on its own, it didn’t. A friend ( a healthcare professional ) suggested I see Natalie and ask her opinion. Natalie understood exactly my issue, I had a few physio sessions and Natalie also suggested some changes to my own workout regime in order to strengthen the muscles in the shoulder area. In a relatively short space of time my shoulder returned to 100%. Any future issues and I will seek Natalie’s advice immediately. Great job Natalie, Thank you

Mr. M

Well, what can I say, I came to Physio-logical with a painful calf injury way too close to the challenge I had set myself that being the Brighton marathon. Your positivity never faltered and you provided me with immediate treatment and advice in and out of hours. You worked hard to maximise my chances of running the distance and I listened to everything you told me to do, every exercise at all the times you advised and I made it to the start line. I made it round every mile albeit with a little pain relief, without everything you did, it would sure have been a different story. Thank you so much for helping me achieve the hardest but most satisfying thing I have ever done in my life.

Miss R

Having suffered a major Stroke in 2010 I consequentially suffer with nerve pain, particularly in my right shoulder and up into my neck. Normally I can manage movement and slight pain but occasionally, when I unwittingly sleep on my right shoulder, it gets so bad that I can barely move my head and the pain that comes with it is intolerable. I have been seeing Natalie on and off for about 5 years and she always manages to relieve my pain and gets me moving again. Natalie has also treated me for knee pain and the results saw a significant improvement. I have no hesitation in recommending Natalie and I shall, no doubt, need her in the future.

Mr H

Excellent experience. Jordan set me up with an exercise plan to recover from a knee injury, and within 2 weeks the pain was gone.

Mr. T

Natalie has been absolutely fantastic she has fixed my shoulder which was causing me a lot of pain due to a sports injury. She is knowledgeable, professional and a lovely person. I would recommend her services to anyone. Thank you Natalie.

Mrs B

I am a 59 year old man who went to the doctor with a very painful right knee that was preventing me from working in the garden especially digging my beloved Veg. plot. Also I was unable to drive very far without significant pain to the point I was having to straighten my leg frequently to ease the pain or even stop and gently flex my knee until I was OK to carry on.

I was walking with a pronounced limp and the doctor was wanting me to go for X-rays and other investigative treatment to identify the issue, however I have medical Insurance and to speed things up I decided to go through the Insurance.

My insurance company sent me straight to Physiotherapy after discussing my symptoms and guessing I had a meniscal tear. Physio-Logical was recommended as the most local physiotherapy clinic to me so I went along full of scepticism that I was wasting my time and feeling I would end up needing some form of surgical procedure to rectify my problem.

I was greeted by Natalie March on arrival and instantly put at my ease as I had explained to me what the approach would be and how the cause of my pain could be identified and that if it was felt Physio was the correct treatment or not. This went by way of explanation of what a meniscal tear was through use of an anatomical model of a knee and how physiotherapy could heal it.

Within two weeks (two visits and two weeks of prescribed exercise) it became clear that the treatment was having a very beneficial effect and my scepticism evaporated as my knee continued to improve. After the initial 4 weeks it was agreed although I had improved greatly there was still further benefits to be gained by both continuing treatment and changing my exercise regime.

Today after 8 weeks of treatment and exercise I can say my knee is fully healed with just a slight residual muscle imbalance as a result of walking for months trying to alleviate the pain, so I have adopted the prescribed exercises as just part of my daily routine as this will help safeguard both my knees from going forward – and I really do appreciate being able to run, drive, dig kneel etc. with no discomfort.

A big thank you to Natalie and Physio-Logical who have really made a difference to me and allowed me to regain confidence in my own fitness and shown me that joint damage does not automatically require surgery.


I have osteoarthritis and am unable to take anti-inflammatory medication. I have had one hip replaced and am due a replacement on the other.
Earlier in the summer I was in severe pain from my buttocks down both legs to my ankles and had very poor mobility. Spinal stenosis had previously been diagnosed and physio recommended. In continual pain, hardly able to walk, unable to climb stairs or drive and feeling at a very low point, I contacted Physio-logical and arranged to see Natalie (she had treated my husband very successfully some years earlier following a motorcycle accident).
Natalie was so good, very understanding, answered all my questions and gave me reassurance that I would get better with treatment – what a relief!
Following my sessions of physio, home exercises and latterly, acupuncture, I am now so much better. Within a short time I was able to drive again and am now moving about with an ease I thought would never return.
I am very grateful to Natalie and would thoroughly recommend the treatment at Physio-logical.

Mrs. P