Ann Hodges

I chose Physio-logical because of their very good reviews and having just completed a course of treatment with Jordan, I am more than happy to confirm that they are excellent. They were helpful and responded rapidly when I made an enquiry. Jordan did a thorough assessment and tailored treatment to what I wanted to achieve. I had a similar shoulder problem some years ago and the physiotherapist I went to then suggested I would need to consider changing my hobby of playing tennis. When I had a recurrence of the problem, I was fearful that I would be told the same thing at Physio-logical but was overjoyed with Jordan’s positive attitude of asking how many times a week I wanted to play and telling me that this was achievable. I am now playing twice a week with a clear plan to increase to my goal of three times per week and have an excercise programme to help maintain my shoulder strength. Job well done!


I am a keen mountain biker, bit was becoming aware that my left knee was fatiguing very quickly into my rides. I went to see Natalie with goals of being able to ride faster for longer.

Natalie was able to spot that I not only had weak left leg muslces, but that they were not working in the correct order.

I left the first session with four simple exercises which I performed twice daily. After four sessions with Natalie, my left leg no longer fatigues as quickly as it did, and I am able to ride faster for longer.

I shall continue the exercises, even though I have now achieved my original goals. Thank you Natalie for fixing the problem and making the fix so simple.


Gavin Roberts

I have been lucky enough to have received treatment, at several of the clinic locations run by Physio-logical, for a long term injury. Working restrictions around COVID have been implemented very well and in a professional manner, as with all other aspects of my interaction with the Practice. The support and treatment has always been first class and I cannot recommend Natalie and the team highly enough. The new location at Stansted Park adds to that excellent treatment.

Will C

Would absolutely recommend the folk at Physio-logical in a heartbeat. They are all so thorough, friendly and talented.

I’ve had a problem that has kept me away from cycling and running and after many years doing that, it’s really had an effect. Natalie and Kate got to work quickly and put a diagnosis to the problem in no time. After that, it’s been a case of the right advice, and some homework but… I’m running again.
If you really want to give that one you love the perfect gift, get them a physio MOT! Arguably the best thing I’ve done this year and has made a huge difference to my physical and mental health


Blueberries and Jellyfish

I booked a video consult with Natalie after feeling pain in my shoulder after exercising. I wanted to check I hadn’t done any serious damage and to get advise on the best stretches and exercises to do. Having seeing Natalie in person for a different issue over a year ago, I was delighted that the same high quality of assessment and advise worked via video as it did in person. Would highly recommend.

Ian Gribble

Excellent attention to detail and a very informed service from start to finish.

If you’re looking for a good physio then I can highly recommend Physio-logical.



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