Havant Clinic Moves to Stansted Park

Jul 8, 2020

Exciting News!

Physio-logical have been working hard to be able to support their patients during the Covid-19 Pandemic. During this time whilst following Government guidelines closely it has opened up a new opportunity to move our Havant clinic, formerly within the My Fitness Hub Gym, to a new location just 3 miles away set inside the beautiful grounds of Stansted Park.

From Monday 20th July our Stansted clinic will be open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm and our new address is:
Chauffeurs Room, Chauffeurs Cottage
Stansted Park
Rowlands Castle

Precautionary measures will remain in place to ensure there is minimal risk to you as patients and our staff. All measures are in line with the guidance and regulations specified by our governing body and full details of the Patient Procedure Guidelines for all Clinic Appointments can be found on our website.

Chauffeurs Cottage, Stansted Park Stansted Clinic

Since the lockdown restrictions were relaxed we have been busy seeing patients for face to face appointments at our Horndean Clinic and this will remain open on Mondays only from 8am to 6pm, we are still able to support you via our physio online service as well.

Appointments for Clinic and Video Consultations can be made online, via email or call 07835 712 306.

Keep in touch via our social media pages, FacebookInstagramTwitter, LinkedIn and email.

Take care and we look forward to welcoming you to our new clinic!

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