Online Training Event – Evidence Based Physiotherapy Treatments

Jul 6, 2020

As a physiotherapist myself and my team are always learning.

There is always new research and evidence for the different treatments we offer and techniques we use.

We attended Therapy Live, it was ‘The biggest virtual show for therapists, CPD events, education, all online’

Jordan and I attended. I joined the sessions whilst sunbathing in the garden! And Jordan’s cat watched the sessions with him!

There were 10,000+ delegates, 60+ speakers and 30+ exhibitors, it was a great event.

The sessions covered latest research for running injuries, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, neck pain, sciatica, business modules.

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A few things we learnt:

For Runners

  • All sports have an off season, runners don’t.  Which is why runners get injured so frequently.

A few questions to consider:

When did you last cross train?

When did you last have one or two weeks off running?

Is it really important as the most common cause of running related injury is inappropriate training volume (Hreljac, A 2004)

  • Strengthening training reduces the risk of overuse injuries by 50%. Do you do strengthening exercises alongside running? Here are some exercises you can do, the research shows you should do 2-3 strengthening sessions per week
  • When choosing a running shoe the most important factor is comfort. Selection based on ‘overpronation’ is like flipping a coin. This is because moderate foot pronation is not associated with increased risk of injury in a neutral running shoe (Nielson, R, 2013)
  • Strength training turns you into a stronger runner not stretching – the example mentioned was Paula Radcliffe – over her running career her flexibility decreased, her power increased and her performance increased.

We will be sharing other blogs about what else we learnt too.

If you are a runner in Horndean, Rowlands Castle, Havant, Denmead, Emsworth, Cowplain, Clanfield, Petersfield Waterlooville, Chichester, Portsmouth and want to improve your performance or learn how you can reduce the risk of getting injured, then we can help you.

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