How to treat Shoulder Pain or Rotator Cuff Irritation

Sep 17, 2021

Do you have Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain, we treat this a lot! There are many different causes of shoulder pain, the most common complaint we see is rotator cuff irritation. Here we share our advice, exercises and stretches which are good for those suffering with rotator cuff impingement (shoulder pain).

Rotator cuff irritation is more likely to occur in people who engage in physical activities that require repeated overhead arm movements.

Common symptoms include:

  • An arc of shoulder pain approximately when your arm is at shoulder height and/or when your arm is overhead.
  • Shoulder pain that can run from the top of the shoulder to the elbow.
  • Pain when lying on the sore shoulder.
  • Muscle weakness or pain when attempting to reach or lift.
  • Pain reaching for the seat-belt.


Here is a testimonial from one of our clients who had rotator cuff impingement;

“After 6 months of not having full movement in my shoulder I visited Physio-logical. 5 sessions later it’s like I never had the problem and no pain at all. Highly recommend.” Mr A

What treatment should I have for shoulder pain?

Hands on physiotherapy treatments including; sports massage, frictions, mobilisation, manipulation, ultrasound, balance (proprioceptive) re-education, combined with stretching and strengthening exercises is an effective treatment for rotator cuff impingement/shoulder pain.

Please be aware of your body and take advice from your GP before exercising or send an email to ( for advice and guidance.

All of these exercises should be pain free.

Feed Forwards (see YouTube video)

Lunge Walk + Shoulder Elevation with Theraband

This is an exercise to start to strengthen the rotator cuff this should only be done once you have full shoulder movement and should be undertaken pain free.

  • Tie the theraband in a loop
  • Push out with your hands with a static and constant pressure against the theraband
  • As you step forwards (keeping knees in line with the second toe) you push out against the theraband and take your arms up above your head.
  • Repeat three sets of fifteen, two times a day.
  • Remember this exercise should be pain free.


If you are suffering from shoulder pain/rotator cuff impingement then please get in contact with us via or 02394 350270.

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