How to stick to my New Years Fitness Goals

Dec 27, 2018

How to stick to my New Years Fitness Goals

So maybe you are feeling a bit heavy and lethargic after having an over indulgent Christmas?  I certainly know I am, one too many chocolates and meals out with family and friends! But I’ve had a lovely Christmas however now is time to think about 2019, although I am still wondering where 2018 went, someone did say once your children start school the terms whizz by, they certainly do!

So why do so many people fail to stick to New Years resolutions?

It is because they use the all or nothing approach, so go all out and then burn out, due to being unable to keep up the unrealistic pace or getting injured! Otherwise known as Binge exercising.

They do not enjoy what they are doing. Make sure you pick something that you enjoy, maybe take a friend along with you, join a club or a class. You are more likely to stick to it if there is a set time and day. If you don’t go your friend and others will be asking where you were last week!

If your new fitness regime is taking too much time out of your life then it will not last, so find something that fits in around work, family and social life. Dare I say it maybe set the alarm to go off a bit earlier in the morning!


So in order for you to continue with your exercise it needs to become a habit. It takes around three months for a habit to form. So you still need to be doing exercise in April if there’s any hope for it to become a part of your day to day life (if you start in January).

In order for it to become a habit you must do something you enjoy, find something that gets your heart pumping without making you miserable.

Also start small, maybe start by doing a daily 10 minute exercise circuit involving press ups, squats, step ups, sit ups, bicep curls at home or walk 30 minutes a day to work or during your lunch break.

If you need more guidance, we’d be happy to see you and put together an exercise programme for you, helping you incorporate exercise into your life at a comfortable and controlled pace.

Here is a testimonial from one of our patients:

‘From my initial assessment to my final treatment I have been treated as a valued customer. The assessment was spot on, and I have returned to my activity pain free. I have also been given further instruction to continue my rehabilitation. Awesome service’ Mr G

Please don’t be scared to exercise if you are in pain we can help you with your pain and then put together an exercise plan to assist in getting you stronger and fitter.

Call us on 07835 712306, book online or email now to book a consultation.

Let’s work together to help you achieve your 2019 Fitness Goals!

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