Video Consultation Service at Physio-logical

Mar 24, 2020

Video Consultation Service

 ‘it was like the physio was in the room with me!’

We are now offering a video and telephone physiotherapy and sports therapy consultation service.

If you are struggling with lower back or neck pain since working from home, then we can help you.

If lack of exercise is causing your knee pain to flare up, then we can hlep you.

If you are struggling with shoulder pain after overdoing it in the garden or with home exercises, then we can help you


How can it help?

The benefits of using video consultations are:

  • It allows our staff to see you when we’re having a discussion.
  • You can show us exactly where the issue is – highlighting specific areas of joint and muscle pain.
  • We can demonstrate exercises, stretches or self mobilisations that you can do at home to reduce pain, improve movement and balance.
  • You can ask any questions and get detailed answers as you think of them.
  • We can keep you motivated with your rehabilitation plan
  • To ease your pain if you are in self isolation
  • Improve mood
  • Improve sleep
  • To progress you on with your exercises
  • Friendly face to speak too
  • Advice about what is best to do if you do have pain

Based on the above video consultations will allow us to give you better and tailored clinical advice.

Is it easy to use?

It is really easy to use. We will send you a link to the video call, when your appointment time comes you click on the link and we connect online via video.

We can help you with queries and the set up.

What will it involve?

We will carry out an assessment of your injury remotely and offer you individual, expert advice. We will educate you, give you advice and tips then send you an exercise programme that will help your recovery.

What will I need?

To carry out a video consultation you will need to have:

  • An internet connection
  • An email address that we can send your video consultation invitation to
  • A device (laptop, computer, iPad, tablet or phone) with video / web cam facilities

How much will it cost?

An initial assessment video consultation will cost £58.50 (30-45 minute appointment) and follow up video call appointment will  cost £45, lasting 30 minutes.  Payment for your appointment will be taken at the time of booking.

How do I book?

You can call us on 07835 712306, email or book online.

Will my insurance company cover this?

So far, we have received confirmation from Bupa, Axa and Nuffield that video consultations will be covered, we are waiting to hear from other insurance companies. If you want to discuss this, please call us on 07835 712306.

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