Terms & Conditions



COVID-19 Consent


Physio-logical will undertake every precaution and use the latest guidelines as laid out by Public Health England, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, the Health and Care Professions Council and UK Government to ensure we provide a service which minimises exposure, follow social distance rules and helps to stop the spread of infection. In return we ask you to be alert of any symptoms and signs that you may be infected, or live with someone who may be showing signs of the virus, that you cancel your appointment.
If a face to face appointment is deemed both safe and appropriate then this is always undertaken by mutual consent, with the option of either Face to Face or Virtual Consultations, between yourself and the therapist of Physio-logical.
If you need to cancel your appointment at late notice due to concerns over the virus then the cancellation charge will not be applied.


Payment Consent


Self-Funding Patients: You are liable for payment in advance or following each attendance, before you leave the building.
Private Medical Insurance Companies: Prior to arranging your initial consultation you must obtain your Pre-Authorisation code. Providing you, the patient, supply us with your correct insurance details Physio-logical will invoice your insurance company. You are responsible to pay any excess on your policy or treatments that your insurance company will not cover. You will also become liable for payment if your insurance company fails to pay us, for whatever reason, within 30 days of us submitting our invoice. Failure to inform us of any changes related to your insurance will result in you becoming liable for payment. If no authorisation is obtained prior to treatments we can arrange for you to pay in advance, and provide you with a receipt for you to claim on your insurance policy.
Company Referral / Solicitor Referrals: We require written evidence of the number of treatment sessions that have been authorised. We also require written confirmation, from your employer or solicitor, that they accept our fees and will pay for them. Providing we have the appropriate information we will then invoice them directly. You will become liable for payment if your intermediate insurance company, employer or solicitor fails to pay us within 30 days of us submitting our invoice.


Cancellation and Failure to Attend


One working day notice is required to cancel an appointment.


Self-Funding Patients: Cancellations giving less than 24 hours notice or failure to attend without giving any notice will result in the full charge of the session. Except where the COVID-19 Consent applies.


Private Medical Insurance Companies: Cancellations giving less notice or failure to attend will result in a charge to you. Please be aware that this charge will be made to you and not your insurance company. It may also result in your discharge from our care.


Company Referral / Solicitor Referrals: if you fail to attend an appointment you will become liable for the full charge, or it will be deducted from your authorised sessions, for the missed appointment, unless your insurance company/employer has agreed to cover it. The provider will also be informed of your late cancellation/non-attendance. It may also result in your discharge from our care.


Complaints Procedure & Feedback


We welcome all feedback from our clients, be it positive or negative. If your experience at Physio-logical fails to meet your expectations please contact Kate Wilkins on or call on 07835 712306. Your feedback is important to us to ensure we know where we are meeting patient expectations and where improvements are required.


We will contact you during your treatment and at the end of your treatment for your feedback. We will also contact you in the future regarding the services we offer and find out if you we able to serve you in any further ways, if you would not like us to do this, please inform us of this.


Use of Personal Data


Your personal data which we have stored will only be used for communicating with you for your appointments, accounts and from time to time keeping you up to date with details regarding The Company. At no point will your personal data be passed on to a third part for any of these purposes.


The purpose of NHS Test and Trace are to enable patients with COVID-19 to provide the details of people they have been in close contact with and who may have been infected with coronarvirus – we may be required to share details with other patients who we have also seen if you do become infected with COVID-19


Personal Data Protection


None of your details will be passed onto a third party for marketing purposes. For those patients referred to us by a GP, Consultant or Insurance Company, we will only forward any appropriate reports to those that we are obliged to legally or where contracted.


Please contact us if you require access to your details or to remove your consent to our processing of your data. Under current legislation we will keep your records for the statutory length of time.


Full details of our privacy policy and other details concerning the use of personal data can be found on our website at


If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions please contact Natalie March on