Team Physio-logical have now all received their Covid vaccinations!

Jan 22, 2021

Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy and Sports Massage staff have all received our covid vaccines.

We feel privileged to have been invited to get out covid vaccinations. As frontline healthcare providers it provides a little bit of extra protection.

We still remain vigilant in following our strict covid guidelines for all clinic appointments and continue to offer virtual appointments as well.

If you are struggling then we are here to help you.

We have had great feedback about our covid secure measures in clinic:

“I have been lucky enough to have received treatment, at several of the clinic locations run by Physio-logical, for a long term injury. Working restrictions around COVID have been implemented very well and in a professional manner, as with all other aspects of my interaction with the Practice. The support and treatment has always been first class and I cannot recommend Natalie and the team highly enough. The new location at Stansted Park adds to that excellent treatment” (Mr. R)

And also our video consultations too:

At this time when NHS services are limited we’re committed to do our bit helping all those that need it.

We are offering FREE 15 minute consultations; so if you have back, neck, knee, shoulder or hip pain or have over done it with exercise or have pain from working at your computer for too long then please do get in touch, we are here for you.

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