Welcome to our new team member, Sports Therapist Jordan

Jan 23, 2019


Jordan Sahota – Graduate Sports Therapist

As a Graduate Sports Therapist, Jordan is able to assess, treat and rehabilitate patients suffering with muscle, joint or nerve related symptoms. This has led Jordan to have a particular interest in the rehabilitation of the Spine and Lower Limb. Inspired by his own previous injuries, Jordan studied Sports Therapy (MSci) at the University of Chichester and, through completing his Masters, he is now able to treat all areas of the body – including the Jaw.

Prior to undertaking his degree, Jordan competed for the United Kingdom in Ballroom and Latin dancing. This has enabled him to understand the movement patterns of different sports, as well as the importance of physical mobility for sport, and subsequently everyday life.

Through the experience Jordan gained while working with AFC Bournemouth, Oxford United and Worthing RFC, he ensures that the treatment and rehabilitation strategies provided are both effective and realistic in order to ensure patients accomplish their goals and can return to the activities they love.

Jordan is also trained in IASTM, Manipulations, TMJ (Jaw) and Acupuncture.

Jordan is a great addition to the Physio-logical family, bringing with him a new skill set and experience that will really compliment what we already offer.

For further information about Jordan or the treatments on offer at the clinic please contact us on: or call us on 07835 712306

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