Top Tips for Back Pain (CSP)

Sep 13, 2018

Top Tips for Back Pain (CSP)

Back pain research constantly gives new insights into previously held beliefs. The CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy) give clear, simple advice on how to manage your pain and prevent future episodes. Have a read of their top tips for managing back pain

Exercise and activity are the most important ways of helping yourself if you have back pain;

  •     Keep moving and continue with activities such as walking or swimming
  •     Paracetamol or similar pain-killers, taken as advised by your GP or physio, can help you keep moving comfortably
  •     Avoid sitting for too long when driving or at work
  •     Gently stretch to prevent stiffness
  •     Check your posture when using computers/games or watching television
  •     Check the mattress on your bed to ensure it supports you properly
  •     Strengthen your trunk muscles as this may help to protect your back
  •     Make sure your car seat and office chair are adjusted correctly and support your back
  •     Eat a healthy diet and exercise, as being overweight can be a cause of back pain

30% of patients who come to see us have back or neck pain. Whether you have chronic, ongoing or reoccurring back pain we can help. At Physio-logical we listen to your problems, give you a clear explanation and solution to manage your pain long term.

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Here are just a few examples of the patient groups we treat at Physio-logical;


Make sure your back does not let you down. The weather has been glorious this summer to be out on the water this sailing season. Come and see our physio who worked with the sailors at London 2012 Olympics for an expert assessment and treatment today.

Gym Members

Are you worried about the best exercises to do to help with back pain? Scared of doing a Dead Lift? We can carry out a full assessment, provide hands on treatments and exercises to strengthen your back so you can continue in the gym and with the classes you enjoy.


As the weather continues to be kind to us, don’t let your back let you down on those longer rides. We listen to your needs, offer a full assessment and tailored treatment plan to ease and strengthen your back so you can cycle all the miles you want!


Have you signed up to run a Marathon or have you just completed one? Did you experience back pain?  If so we can help ease your back pain and give you some exercises to help strengthen your core muscles and glutes to reduce the chance of your back causing problems again.


Please do pace yourselves, don’t try and tackle your whole garden at once! Gardening is very physical so make sure you vary your gardening activities and take regular breaks to reduce the chance of aggravating your back. See our latest blog about stregthening exercises for gardeners.

Take a look at this short video from the CSP.

If you are suffering from back pain in Havant, Rowlands Castle, Waterlooville, Emsworth, Petersfield, Chichester, Southsea, Clanfield, Cowplain, Denmead or surrounding areas then please email, call 07835 712306 or book online.

We can help you say goodbye to your lower back pain today!

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