What exercises should I do immediately after my Knee Replacement?

Total Knee Replacement – Rehab Exercises We have been seeing more and more patients coming through our private physiotherapy clinics in Havant and Rowlands Castle who are struggling with pain, stiffness and walking after having a … Read More

Knee Pain playing hockey – is it a cartilage (meniscus) injury?

Cartilage (meniscus) injury – can physiotherapy help? We see a lot of hockey players in our clinics who have twisted their knee and torn their cartilage (meniscus), but also other sports players such as football, cricket … Read More

My knee hurts when I cycle, what can I do to ease my pain?

Pain at the front of my knee when cycling In a study of 116 professional cyclists it was found that 94 per cent experienced some sort of overuse injury over the period of a year, and … Read More

Top Strengthening Exercises for Runners

Why is Strength Training so Important? Strength and conditioning reduces overuse injuries by 50%. According to the evidence “Strength training reduced sports injuries by less than a 1/3 and overuse injuries could almost be halved” (Lauersen … Read More

Common Running Injuries – ITBS – Iliotibial Band Syndrome

ITBS – Iliotibial Band Syndrome A common complaint for runners, cyclists and weight lifters is Iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome. ITB syndrome is one of the leading causes of lateral (outside) knee pain in runners. It occurs … Read More

Our Christmas Survival Guide

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Don’t stress this Christmas! So with Christmas shopping in full flow and Christmas preparations well on their way it can be a stressful time of year. We want you to enjoy time with your family and … Read More

My knee hurts! How soft tissue therapy can alleviate knee pain.

Today’s blog has been written by Aniko, our soft tissue therapist. Sports Massage for knee pain Knee pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal problems we come across. It is not surprising, considering it carries … Read More

I’ve got knee pain, is it arthritis?

Today’s blog has been written by Katy, our musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapist. How can physiotherapy help with my osteoarthritic knee? Osteoarthritis (osteo- bone, arthr –  joint, itis – inflammation) is a problem which affects the lining of … Read More

My knee hurts on the inner side, have I sprained my medial collateral ligament (MCL)?

Today’s blog has been written by Never, our musculoskeletal (MSK) and neuro physiotherapist. Injury to the medial collateral ligament (MCL) is one of the common causes of pain on the inside of the knee – can … Read More

Knee Pain – is it a cartilage (meniscus) injury?

Cartilage (meniscus) injury – can physiotherapy help? Our physiotherapists see a lot of patients with this common knee injury. Most commonly affected are sports players i.e football and rugby players plus skiing injuries too. You can also … Read More

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