Special Offer’s – Havant Physiotherapy and Sports Massage Clinic

Jul 20, 2018

I have got pain, we can help..

We will be offering some 15 min physio advice sessions for £5 with our experienced and fully qualified physiotherapist.

Are you in a lot of pain or have stiffness? We can offer a mini assessment with advice too.

Come and see us for some advice about returning to or continuing with your active lifestyle whether that is going to the gym, running around with your grandchildren, digging your allotment to completing your 5k park run to cycling with friends.

It is a great opportunity to meet our physiotherapist and ask questions.

Booking is essential via 07835 712306 or

Get help


Aniko is also offering a number of £5 – 15 minute sports massages sessions which are suitable for people who have a sports injury, back pain, neck pain, muscle tension and stiffness.

If you are an active gym goer, competitive runner or sportsperson, weekend warrior, keen gardener, sit at a computer all day, active grandparent or a busy parent trying to juggle work and home life then a massage can help you.

It is a great opportunity to have a taster sports massage session and ask questions before committing to a full massage session

Again booking is essential via 07835 712306 or

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