Physiotherapy Video Consultation Testimonial

Apr 5, 2020

We can help you if you have an ache or pain, are recovering post a hip or knee replacement or after a broken bone with our physiotherapy video consultation service.

The benefits of using video consultations are:

– It allows our staff to see you when we’re having a discussion.
– You can show us exactly where the issue is – highlighting specific areas of joint and muscle pain.
– We can demonstrate exercises, stretches or self mobilisations that you can do at home to reduce pain, improve movement and balance.
– You can ask any questions and get detailed answers as you think of them.
– We can keep you motivated with your rehabilitation plan
– To ease your pain if you are in self isolation
– Advice about what is best to do if you do have pain

Based on the above video consultations will allow us to give you better and tailored clinical advice.

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