Life changing physio for back pain

May 17, 2024

Are you struggling with back pain? Do you want to change your life like Sue, aged 77 years old has….

Sue is a retired nurse and struggled with ongoing mid back and neck pain.

It was so bad she had stopped swimming, going on her daily walk and baking which she loved to do. She was also struggling with pain when holding her hands out in front of her when cooking, gardening, and ironing.

She had been told there wasn’t much that could be done, this is when I met Sue.

On assessment at Physio-logical Sue described 7-10/10 pain at times in her mid-back, neck and into her arms. She had restricted neck and mid back movements; on palpation she had stiffness in her lower neck joints and tension in her muscles. She also had some weakness in her mid-back and supporting neck muscles.

Sue had a course of weekly hands-on treatments which included joint mobilisations, massage, advice. She was also taught 2 bespoke exercise to do for each area which have been progressed.

During one of Sue’s Physiotherapy sessions, she said:

“You have changed my life”


Sue is now enjoying and living her life. She is back to doing her daily walks, swimming two times a week, is enjoying cooking and baking again which she had stopped doing because of her pain.

She said “I feel stronger to live my life as I get older now. My whole outlook has changed from a give up and just sit attitude to one that I can do anything”.

At Physio-logical we love to work with people like Sue who want to make ongoing commitment to improving their lives. Whether that’s able to stay active to play with your grandchildren or to be able to continue to enjoy baking, cooking, swimming, and walking. We love to help people so they can continue to live a full active life with less niggles, aches, and pains.

If you want to make an ongoing difference to how you feel so you can live a fulfilling and active life, then we would love to support you on your journey.

You can book online, call 023 9435 0270 or email

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