Sports Therapy for Golfers

Mar 31, 2021


When golfers get injured they seek the help of physiotherapists and sports therapists who are general practitioners and not specials in Golf and Golf related injuries. We want this to change. In order to return you back to the course pain-free, stronger and performing better, you need a therapist who can provided tailored advice and treatment based on your injury and how you perform your golf swing.

The way you swing a golf club is dependent on how your body move. Any muscle imbalances or tightness can alter the way you swing a club. Injuries lead to altered swing patterns due to changing how we move our body (or lead to fear to move it).

The first thing we do is understand what is causing your pain and work to correct that, allowing you to return to a pain free, active healthy lifestyle. Following that, we use a combination of Golf Specific Movement Screens to analyse to fully understand how you are currently moving and how this may be affecting your swing. We work with you to correct these resulting in you being better than before.

We utilise our 9 test Movement Screen to highlight the areas in which you need to improve in order to not only improve your performance but improve your symptoms as well.

The Golf Specific Sessions include the following:


In this session we spend time listening to you describe the symptoms you are suffering from. We will use our expertise to look in depth at your physical symptoms, utilise our 9 Movement Screening Tests and combine this with your golf swing to find the cause of your symptoms. We then look to reduce your symptoms through some hands on treatment and specific exercises to ensure you start to feel better.


In these sessions we continue to reduce your symptoms using hands-on treatment. This is then followed by exercise based rehabilitation. We provide exercises to not only make your stronger and help you to overcome the injury you are suffering from but these exercises will also improve your performance. We tailor the exercise selection so they are specific to you, your injury and also your swing style. We look at increasing your power and strength to not only increase your shot distance but so you can control it at the same time.


In order to reduce the risk of re-injury but also to ensure you’re playing your best golf from the first tee (Not the 6th) we provide warm up plans that you can perform before hitting your first drive. These require very little equipment but allow the body to be in an optimal state so it can perform for the whole round.

If you want to return back to the golf course pain-free, stronger and performing better then book to see us today by clicking here.


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