Physio Q&A – Triathlete / Running Injuries

May 15, 2020

Are you a runner or triathletes  with pains and/or Injuries?

Here are some questions we were asked in our recent Facebook Live.

Q: I am runner who is getting glutes pain, what can I do to ease the pain and get the muscles working better?

First, we would need to work out why you have pain in the glute. It could be lots of things, piriformis, sacrotuberous ligament due to SIJ (sacroiliac/pelvis) alignment issues. Could be referred from your lower back, hamstring, could be glutes muscle or glutes tendon or it could be neural tension!

Then once we know what is causing it we can teach you self help treatments and exercises to ease the pain and strengthen the glutes and other local muscles.

I will break them down into cause and the best rehab options:

  • Piriformis tension / pain in piriformis muscle in buttock, deep muscles which rotates the hip. See our blog about what exercises you can do to help ease pain in your buttock.                                                                      
  • Sciatica – sciatic nerve runs close to and in some people through the piriformis muscle which can lead to a sciatic like/ sharp pain in your leg. Also the sicatica nerve can be irritated in the back too.                                    
  • SIJ (sacro iliac joint) – we would need to do a full assessment to determine if there are any alignment issues with the pelvis/SIJ which are common with runners – normally patients might say to us their hips don’t feel level, one leg feels shorter, they lack hip rotation movement, pain and stifness to lift your leg up, climb stairs, turn in bed, get in and out of the car.
  • LBP (lower back pain) – your lower back can refer into buttock region, the way to work out if it is coming from back is does it hurt your buttock when you move your back?
  • Hamstring – you can back pain in your lower buttock where your hamstring inserts, on your sitting bone.
  • Glutes Tendon – if you have pain outside of your hip/glutes the cause can be your glute tendon
  • Neural Tension – we see alot of people who complain about tight hamstrings, it is not always tight hamstrings it can be reduced nerve mobility or tension in your sciatica nerve. If this is you it is best to get it checked out by a physio or healthcare professional.

We have lots of exercises mentioned in our blogs above on our Physio-logical YouTube Channel too.

If you are struggling with pain/weakness in your glutes get in touch as we will be able to help you! We carry out a full assessment and set specific exercises designed to help your needs –  pain can become worse if you don’t get the right exercises for you.

Our Virtual Physio Online service is available, we also have resources of self help exercises on our YouTube channel, website blogs and lots of advice through our Facebook Physio-logical Community Group, please feel free to sharejoin and subscribe to keep up to date with all the latest help, tips and advice.

One testimonial from a happy Online Physio patient ‘it was like the physio was in the room with me!’, Mr.C

Get help

Q: I am a triathlete what strengthening exercises should I do?

If you are a triathlete and want to reduce the risk of getting injured and improve performance then here are some strengthening exercises demonstrated by Jordan, our Sports Therapist. They are designed to improve movement and strengthen your muscles.

Our next facebook Live Q+A will be on Thursday 28th May at 12.30pm – bringing sports massage to your home!

We will be demonstrating self release techniques for those suffering with muscle tension and exercises to do once your muscles have been released.

See you next time!

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