Exercises for Hamstring Tears

Feb 7, 2020

I’ve pulled my Hamstring, what exercises can I do?

A Hamstring Strain is an injury to the back upper leg muscle in which some of the muscle fibres are torn. It can be a grade one – mild tear, to grade three – rupture (total tear) of the hamstring muscle.

We would recommend getting an assessment by a health professional to make sure it is a hamstring strain and not sciatic neural tension. The reason for this is we see so many people who come to our clinics complaining of tight / painful hamstrings, and on assessment the pain is due to sciatica or sciatic nerve tension and not a hamstring muscle tear.  Treatment for the two problems are totally different.

Hamstring Strains can be caused by:

  • A sudden sprint or explosive movement
  • Jumping
  • Overstretching when kicking a ball
  • Previous hamstring strain

Here are some Exercises you can do for a Hamstring Tear.

If you have pain at the back of your upper thigh, or have been told you have a hamstring sprain then these exercises are for you. They are designed to improve movement, flexibility, strengthen your muscles and ease pain and discomfort too.

Please be aware of your body and take advice from your GP before exercising or send an email to ( for advice and guidance. When exercising do not push into sharp pain.


Alongside exercises we can offer hands on treatment to improve joint movement, if needed, and release tight muscles.

If you have recently injured your hamstring or tore your hamstring a while ago but it still doesn’t feel right, or if you are not sure what exercises you should be doing, then please get in contact with us so we can help you. Email, call 07835 712306 or book online.

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