COVID 19 update – 12/5/20

May 14, 2020

Update 12/5/2020 – Start of preparations to return to practice.


Following on from Boris’ announcement we will not be offering face to face appointments at this current time.

We are working hard to put into place all the extra safety measures needed and ordering PPE for when we get the go ahead from our professional bodies that it is safe to offer face to face appointments.

We will be closely monitoring government guidelines and advice too. The CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy) have reviewed their guidelines today and we believe that at this time the risk of transmitting infection is greater than the benefits of seeing patients for face to face appointments.

As our service is for you, we wanted to get some input from you on your expectations for when we reopen the clinic and if there’s anything additional we can be doing to create a safe, comfortable and happy environment for you.

We would really value your responses to our quick survey.

For now we are still able to support you via our physio online service.

We have had great feedback from our Virtual Video Consultations, and are seeing patients improve greatly with our expert help and advice online.

We have a good resource of online videos on our YouTube channel demonstrating self help exercises.

And our Facebook Community Group has been very successful keeping lines of communication open to our loyal patients, friends, colleagues and the wider local community.


To book a video consultation please book onlineemail or call 07835 712 306.

Keep in touch via our social media pages, FacebookInstagramTwitter, LinkedIn and email.


Take care and stay safe

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